Hello wonderful humans and welcome to my site!  I thought it only proper for me to introduce myself and give you a little background about who I am and how I happened into Coaching as a career path.  Actually, it isn't just a career path for me.  Coaching, mentoring and teaching have been a way of life for me from an early age.  As I continue to learn and grow I have discovered that everyone has a story and in that story is something for me to learn.  I cherish those I have met in my life, yes, even those that I would have preferred never meeting, because the lessons I have learned, sometimes pleasant and sometimes harsh, are lessons that have shaped who I am and what I believe.

My Story

I started down this course, little did I know, at a fairly young age.  I was a member of Camp Fire, (the sister organization to Boy Scouts - Girl Scouts was never their counterpart, despite popular belief), where I taught younger children survival skills during our summer day and resident camps.  Upon graduating high school, I became a group leader and eventually the Youth Director at our local camps.  I loved working with youth, even though I was barely an adult myself.   

I later moved to Arizona where I began as a volunteer for a non-profit organization in (at the time) the poorest county in the country.  My job was simply to greet those who came in looking for various social services.  I eventually became a sort of community resource advisor seeking out services and opportunities to help people overcome the challenges of life that were holding them back.  The Director challenged me to start a program for prisoners to help them integrate back into society upon their release from incarceration.  It was an amazing experience, albeit a bit intimidating at times.  I was able to work with individuals to recreate who they were.  I helped them to overcome the stereotypes of their past and move forward into a future that most didn't even believe possible.  It was life changing for them and myself, but the satisfaction came in seeing these strong, intelligent men change their lives and work towards a better tomorrow.

I started a community youth group focusing on the youth in the community that were, what society deemed to be, 'at risk'.  I've always hated that term.  In my opinion the only thing these youth were at risk of was falling prey to stereotypes.  Much like the ex-felons I had previously worked with, they only need someone to help them believe they could succeed.  The most amazing part of this portion of my life was seeing high school dropouts, go back to finish school and go on to college.  It was seeing youth challenging themselves to be better than they ever thought they could and, of course, prove society's opinions wrong.   


Are you picking up on the pattern here?

I followed the winding and twisting river that is my life and became an online mentor and advisor for individuals from all walks of life dealing with all sorts of problems both in their personal and professional lives.  I had complete strangers contacting me and asking for my opinions on what they should do or to act as a mediator in different situations, which if I'm being honest was a little odd to me at first.  I quickly saw, however, that people often already knew the path they wanted to travel in, they sometimes just needed someone to help them find their first step in walking it. 


I began to realize that I was pretty darn good at this and even better, I enjoyed helping others.

Alas, I had to have a job to pay the bills.  I found myself supervising a team of individuals from all over the country.  In this corporate setting, I decided that I was going to take my leadership and team building skills to a new level.  The unilateral leadership of my previous experience in the business world just wasn't what I wanted to convey to my colleagues.  I was not 'overseer' material so micromanagement was not in my vocabulary.  I really stopped to think about how I felt an effective team should run.  How would I want my team to run if I wasn't the leader?  I wanted to be sure that everyone on the team was as equal as possible, that I was utilizing their talents, that their voices were heard and that felt included and appreciated.  Most of all, I wanted us to work together efficiently towards our common goal.  I just knew that these things incorporated with support, encouragement and a just accountability would provide the motivation needed to make my team a success.  It worked!  These ideals came together to cultivate the most efficient, cooperative and successful team I have ever been a part of.

I moved on from this position to start my life with my husband.  Upon doing so, I was introduced to the world of coaching through an executive coach hired by the company I was now working for.  I began their program to work on myself and as I did so I began to realize...  I AM A COACH!  I always have been.  This was my calling, so to speak.  It was the direction that I had been headed for this whole time. 


I enrolled in Coach U to become a professional coach and haven't looked back.  

I continue down this road that I know will lead to the successful fulfillment of my dreams of growing and learning from others as well as helping others to realize their full potential as a human being.  I am humbled to know that I do not know all the answers, but am overjoyed  and eager to seek out and discover as many of them as I possibly can.

Side Note:

~ I've been asked about my logo several times, so I thought I would just put a little explanation in here.  The bird is a phoenix, which has a great significance to me.  It symbolizes a rebirth or a new beginning and I believe that is what coaching is all about.  The same person with a new life and a new beginning.