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Cultural Thumbprint - Corporate

Team Building Workshop - By appointment only!

  • 4 hours
  • Contact for price
  • On-Site

Service Description

Our Cultural make-up sets us apart from every other person on Earth. Just like a thumbprint, no one has the exact same cultural identification that we do. So what happens when we bring together the diversities of ethnicity, customs, personalities, experience and more into a team and expect them to work as a single unit? We are faced with conflicts and challenges unrelated to our ultimate goal. This workshop helps to create a knowledge base and shared goal within a team by bringing together our Cultural Thumbprints into a environment of learning, acceptance, understanding and collaboration allowing your teams to connect, succeed and thrive. The Cultural Thumbprint workshop consists of 2 or 4 hr interactive class tailored to address the specific dynamics of how team building works within the multi-facets of cultural diversities. The workshops take place on-site and are open to staff of your choosing (Management, Leadership, Department Teams, etc) with the limit being the maximum occupance of the space available. Contact Holly Main Coaching for more information on how to structure this or other workshops specific to your needs.

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